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Meet some ways to enjoy estimated flight time.

Long flights can be tired and stressful. short flights limited time to perform the tasks in the cabin, here are some ideas to make your trip fun.

Music & Movies


-If you plan to make a flight with a duration equal to or greater than two hours, keep in your suitcase your favorite movies to enjoy the journey. You may also prefer a good selection of music that makes you sing in the cabin. If you are in a controlled area, you'd better pay attention to frequency, this will also help the journey does not become boring and quiet.




-If the journey is short. you may prefer to listen to live radio communications between pilots and different control units. This option helps to achieve a more realistic feel and if our origin or destination is consistent with the frequency we are hearing is likely to increase the simulation experience.



Art and more Art


-Bring out your artistic skills, get the best angle for your plane and begins to saturate the shutter of your camera for exceptional photographs that you can share with us.



Snack Time


-Take you a plate of cookies, chips or chopped fruit for you to enjoy the travel time to your destination. Refreshments are useful to distract your appetite and time, in addition to providing energy that helps increase attention.





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