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Aeromexico Virtual Group is formed by professionals and aviation enthusiasts who seek to share knowledge and experience of one of the most spectacular careers worldwide. Our operations integrate the virtual operation of two subsidiaries: Aeromexico Virtual and Aeromexico Connect Virtual, both registered in the Mexican division of IVAO for over three years.


Our commitment is to provide the knowledge and practical exercise in commercial aviation to promote the study in future pilots, promoting the development of those who practice the profession and bring reality to those who are lovers of the medium, through techniques and tools of latest generation and support of international recognition and certified instructors, ensuring a truthful approximation.


We have established industry-leading virtual national air by having a large number of active pilots in registering the highest number of transactions and have the largest fleet, complete and modern at the divisional level. Constant attention to administrative and operational processes gives us the possibility to offer unique services based on the highest standards of quality to improve our organizational development.


Proudly we are the representatives of the most important Transcontinental Airline in Mexico and we share the same culture of service in order to support in an altruistic way the aviation industry, promote domestic tourism and enhance safety. We keep this medium through which expresses the complete freedom of action fly.


Analytical skills, effective and efficient decision-making, determining actions and defining conditions, is held by people with great maturity and determination to achieve goals that make the same management team leading the group to fly to a destination within a road full of values ??and optimism.


We are Aeromexico Virtual Group and we go through the world.



Grupo Aeromexico Virtual

Grupo Aeromexico Virtual doesn't have any relation with Aerovías de México S.A. de C.V. and we are a non profit organization, just for flight simulation and entertainment only. Logos, images, textures, names etc. are exclusive for virtual use. Aerovías de México S.A. de C.V. has the rights and owner of it. For more information please visit http://aeromexico.com/es/mx/