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There are many national and international destinations to choose from. Where will you go today?

Fly and see the ground for several kilometers high is spectacular but ... let's not forget the airports of each city.



There are thousands of airports worldwide, large, small. with short, long tracks. at sea level or the highest mountains. Each offers unique characteristics that make them unique and interesting challenge levels. By choosing the origin and destination airports it is advisable to know and procedures that apply to avoid confusion and loss of time to perform operations on them.



-Flight simulators used objects and terminal buildings at airports that significantly increase the realism. In the market there are sceneries made ​​by some companies that recreate in great detail various airports in the world to potentiate the simulation experience Select airport of origin or destination with high detail settings that generate an emotion from take-off to landing.

Navigation Charts & Routes


-If you've chosen your airport of origin and destination. make sure you have the charts and the path you will follow during the flight. The charts provide information on procedures for takeoff and landing, navigation and communication frequencies. as well as help planning the route. These documents are required to fly line and required by air traffic services.



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