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¿Are you ready to land? Anticipate and prepare you need for your final approach.

From the final approach fix, at the end of the landing roll, representing 4% of the entire flight phase in which 45% of commercial accidents occur...

Prepare Ahead of Time


-Depending on the level of flight and the distance at which you are to your destination. considers begin preparations for rapprochement between 20 and 30 minutes before the arrival time shown on your itinerary. ATIS see the destination airport to meet and determine. among other things. the approach procedure to the runway in use.


UNICOM / Radio


-Check By MVI software if there is any active control unit in the destination airport. If none is available TCAS monitors the radar to the maximum extent to find out if there is traffic taking off or landing at that airport if any. Report on UNICOM (122.800) via text maneuvers you are doing.



Checklists & Approach Charts


-As we have mentioned, it is important to follow the checklists for the approach and landing phase, considered the most dangerous stages for the high accident rate. Consultation approach charts to know altitudes, speeds and directions that you must follow to reach your destination.



Care & Monitoring


-One of the most frequent mistakes at airports that do not have a dependency on active control is the confusion over the runways in use. The METAR provides the direction and speed of winds at the station to help us determine the track that will be used for landing. It is advisable to consult the METAR every 5 minutes to verify that the runway in use, initially determined, remains in force or make the necessary corrections if conditions change at the station.


If You're Not Stable, Don't Continue


-A Stabilized approach results in a safe landing. Speeding (+ 20kts of VAPP) or a regime of greater descent 1000ft / m are sufficient to consider a missed approach. If you are not sure to land, stop here, follow the procedures to try again.



Vacating Runway & Taxi


-After Landing, slow down and leaves the runway by the first available taxiway that will lead to the terminal building. Do not exceed 25 Knots/GS during filming and make sure you have turned off the transponder, landing lights and strobe. At the Lic. Benito Juarez Mexico City airport is mandatory to departure or park  at Terminal 2 cause it's our base operations.





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