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The following rules and regulations describe the management and operation of Grupo Aeromexico Virtual. Please read this information carefully before submitting your application for registration, if you're already part of our team, have them present for any clarification or  if you observe any irregularities



The functioning of virtual Group Aeromexico is based on the following rules and regulations, in which are described the rights, obligations and responsibilities on the part of the Active Pilots and the representatives of the Administrative and Operative Areas. By making use of the benefits and services offered through this site, you declare agree with the requirements that here they present. If it does not agree in following the limits that virtual Group Aeroméxico do not access or use this site.


Virtual Group Aeroméxico reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny you the access to the site, in the same way, the information presented in any of the sections of the site may contain errors, outdated and may be modified without notice or responsibilities to the representatives of the Group.


Virtual Group Aeroméxico reserves the right to modify the present rules and regulations if it is considered necessary to maintain optimal conditions of operation and management of the Group in a general way. It is important that you check this agreement periodically to ensure that it complies with the guidelines established and ensures the optimal operation of the group.




Term of the Agreement


This information contained in this agreement is valid from December 6th 2011.



1.- Virtual Operating Concession


• The Group brings together the operations themselves of Virtual Aeroméxico al and Virtual Aeroméxico Connect, that they find in the regulations attached for the provision of services of Air simulation exposed by the Mexican Division of IVAO and IVAO HQ, possessing the approval and certification to operate under the not commercial name of “Aeromexico Virtual Group"


• Although both Virtual Airlines take refuge under the same name as the name of the group, the administration and operation of each is independent, in such a way that the Pilots will have to respect an internal regulation of agreement to the Airline to which they give his services.



2.- Facilities and Services


• Aeromexico Virtual Group offers free facilities and services to the general public, however the trend is addressed to enthusiasts and professionals of the aviation who want to share and to contribute knowledge on the aeronautical way limited in our case to the commercial operations that it effects Aerovías de México S.A. de C.V. "Aeromexico".


• The users who want to belong to the group or who already form a part of it, have the right to obtain the information necessary to operate the services (flights) in a professional and safe way, including equipment manuals, NavCharts, Circular letters of Operations, Initial Training (Aspiring Pilots) and periodic (active pilots), Roles of flight (if used) and service advertisements (Changes in the assigned flight schedule).


• Aspiring Pilots and / or Active are required to comply with the provisions established by Virtual Grupo Aeromexico to maintain current registration in the group and continue to get the benefits to which they are entitled.


• Administrative and Operating Representatives shall have the right to refuse, at its discretion and without liability to them, the provision of services to users who disturb the peace disruptive and / or violate the ethical integrity, moral and physics of other users. The breach of this clause shall be subject to sanctions deferred according to the resulting conditions to the users involved and for the image of the group.


• It is strictly forbidden to encourage software piracy using hyperlinks to download P2P servers, through this site or electronic media belonging to Virtual Grupo Aeromexico (forums and social networks). The breach of this clause will result in denial of services by the Group and in case of being affected if the image or operations, the case will be exposed to the competent authorities.


• Users have the right to use the electronic media (Facebook, Twitter and consultation forums) to share relevant information, fun and entertainment following provisions of the fourth and fifth paragraphs of this section. Publication of hyperlinks will be subject to review by the directors of the media.


• Aeromexico Virtual Group  uses third-party software and applications based on internet, necessary for the operational functions that Mexican Division of IVAO and IVAO HQ demand to maintain the current registration or Virtual Airlines within the network. No representative administrative or Operational assume liability for the malfunctioning of them, however all users have a right to receive counseling to work and fix emerging problems and errors.


Our site has the contact option , where users and the general public may request information on general and specific topics . If I should be an expedited case, you can use the electronic media to expose your inquiry or in any case , you can send an e-mail which will be attended by relevant representatives. Assessors may deny service when it infringes on the provisions of paragraphs 5 and 6 of this section.


3.- Protection of Personal Data


When you enter and browse through the page and has not provided your personal data, you browse anonymously and would only be possible to know, using some technology, both for statistical purposes to improve our services, the way in which you use the page or if you have replied to any email or any advertising displayed on the screen. However, to access certain programs of this page and to hire some of the services offered by Virtual Group Aeromexico, you need to provide some personal information to track the operations performed within our site or services subscribed internet-based group to which she belongs.


• To guarantee the security of our operations towards you and the rest of the registered users, you need to provide true information that can be verifiable if any administrative or operational representatives suggests, in order to prevent computer crimes that damage the integrity digital user and the group in general.


• The information you provide through our website to request or enter the services we offer, go directly to an encrypted system only have access administrative representatives, this way will ensure that your information is not used for other purposes not described in this section.


• The data required for incoming users are: Name, Last Name (s), Age, Date of Birth, Gender (male or female), Email Address and optionally a phone number. Note that WE DON´T REQUEST NUMBERS OF CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS, security numbers or passwords by email, chat online or social networks. If you suspect you are the victim of an attempted fraud on behalf of  Aeromexico, Group Aeromexico Virtual Group Aeromexico or another similar name, stop any operation on the page you are on and report it immediately to a representative of  Aeromexico Vitual Group.


• In case the users have user identification code and password or be provided with some code, must provide it as soon as may be requested on the page and keep in mind the instructions of paragraph four of this section.


• Do not give your passwords to third parties (friends and family) for the granting of rights to benefits and services to unregistered users. The abuse of this right can cause permanent denial of access and provision in the portal, social networking and other affiliated services.


• When you are in your active session in our website and you want to finish your business there, do not close the browser for this purpose, since the session may remain active and unauthorized people have the facility to access your personal information and misusing it. Be sure to protect your information by clicking "Log Out" and once the system log off you will be notified in the same portal.


• It is recommended that every so often requested a password change to the services to which you subscribe on our website to increase the protection of your personal information. The password change for some services can take up to 12 hours from application to the effectiveness of it, so it is important that passwords are difficult to decipher and do not contain personal data such as birth dates, anniversaries, addresses, security credit card or debit card, among other examples.


4.- Mandatory Minimunm Requirements for Income


• To apply for admission to the competition Virtual Group  Aeroméxico, is necessary to have the following minimum requirements:


Aspiring Pilots for Aeromexico Connect Virtual :


-Not belong to more than 2 registred Virtual Airlines at IVAO.

-Range FS2 or higher.

-Skills: Aerodynamics, Navigation Instruments, Communications, Operations and a mimum of 30 Online hours at IVAO to examine your flying techniques.


Aspiring Pilots for Aeromexico Virtual:


-IVAO Private Pilot or  Connect VA Instructor Rank (301 Hours).

-Skills: Aerodynamics, Navigation Instruments, Communications and Operations.

-Squawk Box IVAO exam.


5.- Registration and Contest


• The admission process is similar to the one made really in the airlines and ensures that all who are on the team have the knowledge and experience minimum necessary to fly safely and professionally.


On our site there is a form where applicants must register their details, which will reach the same administrative or operational representatives. The information we request covers specific purposes that have been declared in paragraph three, which ensures the privacy of your data to any instance or circumstance. Only representatives of Aeromexico Vitual Group may contact you by any way that you specify.


• Aspiring Pilots that submit their information online accept that either representing any of the Group can make some inquiries with regard to their flying experience on the IVAO network, this includes knowing what their current range, the type of aircraft that has operated in recent months , and membership Callsings used as pilot staff or other National or International Virtual Airlines.


• Also it may be some investigation on ethical history, the latter refers to the existence of suspensions and the reasons that originated them. Aspiring Pilots who are part of a virtual airline staff or providing services to more than two Virtual Airlines, may not participate in the bidding process. If you they are active drivers and happens one or both circumstances above, Aeromexico Vitual Group will  deny the provision of services automatically.


Based on information obtained in the process described above, the representatives of selection will be free to cancel the Contest if irregularities are found eligible the applicant as unfit, according to the provisions in paragraph three, paragraph two.


• Aspiring Pilots that have been considered suitable applicants must perform a theoretical and practical examination on general topics such as aerodynamics, navigation, communications and operations. To ensure that pilots have the knowledge, testing should be performed orally by any representative of Aeromexico Virtual Training. If the applicant approves the theoretical stage, will be called to perform a practical test IRF navigation at the airport that the examiner chooses.


• The representative of Aeromexico Virtual Training will send the results to the Chief Labor Relations pilots who inform applicants whether or not they are eligible. Should be candidates will be notified by email with the next steps to follow.


6.- Rank and Promotions


• All the pilots who have been accepted during the bidding process in any of the airlines that make up the group initially obtained the Aspiring Pilot in Aeromexico and Aeromexico Connect to cover 25 and 30 hours of service respectively. Aeromexico Virtual Training evaluate the performance during this period and will suggest  the pilots courses and training programs necessary to fill gaps that could be detected.


• Each airline has a tab which shows the ranks and the number of hours needed to achieve them. The upper ranks may require approval of theoretical and practical examinations. For more information see "Ranks" on the site dedicated to the airline in which you work.


7.- Use of Equipment (Aircraft)


• The type of aircraft that pilots will operate must be initially assigned according to theoretical expertise and flying technique validated by the reports of the VAFS (Virtual Airline Financial Systems).


Depending on the rank you get through ascents by promotion or the number of flight hours that require it, you get the ability to operate an extra equipment in addition to the one originally assigned. For more information see "Ranks" on the site dedicated to the airline in which you work.


Virtual Group Aeromexico does not provide any software of any kind, it is the responsibility of the pilot to have airplanes, sceneries and the necesary tools in order to operate. -See Section 2, paragraph 5-.


8.- Operation Report:


Professionalism, quality and safety


It is mandatory for all active pilots to report their operations (flights) using the VAFS (Virtual Airline Financial Systems).


Active pilots must report a minimum of 8 hours of flying per month in each of the lines of the group to which it provides services. In case of reporting fewer hours than is required for more than two months, representatives may choose Operating demote, suspend or disable the pilot in the corresponding line.


Reports made in VAFS System adds  hours to  the pilot experience and the airline, to evaluate the flight technique, that is, are rated important aspects that measure the operations quality. When the pilot performs actions or maneuvers outside the permissible limits (Speeding in filming or operation of the landing gear,  flaps, high rate of descent on landing etc.) Flight economic utility and the satisfaction of the passengers are affected. Avoid to authenticate or to report economic losses (red numbers) or with high penalties for mishandling the operating equipment.


Aeromexico Training  deliver operating circulars to be distributed by the chief pilot of the airlines that make up the group. They published recommendations that will help improve the art of flight and to 100% guarantee.


It is important that all active pilots to participate in the events scheduled for the lines that conform the group and the events that Mexican IVAO Division provides to support cultural development and partnerships among all those who are part of this group.






Grupo Aeromexico Virtual doesn't have any relation with Aerovías de México S.A. de C.V. and we are a non profit organization, just for flight simulation and entertainment only. Logos, images, textures, names etc. are exclusive for virtual use. Aerovías de México S.A. de C.V. has the rights and owner of it. For more information please visit http://aeromexico.com/es/mx/