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Take your place in the cockpit and make sure you have everything ready to take your passengers safe.

Now that you are in the cockpit cabin, follow these tips to make your work more efficient.



-All aircrafts are provided with a checklist that you can set up the booth to start flying. The use of this lists eliminates errors and provides security operations .

Maybe you memorized the procedures to prepare the plane and consider not use checklists, but remember that the memory has no place and sequence error or omission of a step can be catastrophic.





Meteorology (METAR/TAF)


--Check The METAR the airport where you are to know the weather conditions such as wind speed and direction, temperature, cloud cover and atmospheric pressure. This information will be useful for predicting the runway in use and the exit will put you on the road.



UNICOM / Radio


-IVAP software provides a list of stations that are controlled at the time. If you are in an airport that has active control. tune the frequency corresponding to request authorization. If the airport does not have control at that time. tune UNICOM (122.800) and reports via text maneuvers are carried to other traffic know your intentions and avoid operational conflicts.



Fuel & Weight


-Check the amount of fuel on board and makes the necessary adjustments according to the route that you plan to make. Excess fuel represents unnecessary extra weight makes it difficult to take off and climb of the airplane. The approach and landing procedures are dangerous if the weight exceeds the limit.


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